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Vinos Masintín was created by 4 friends who met in winter 2017 on a trip through Chile. The company aims to produce small-scale wines that express the richness of Chilean terroirs and the specific varieties that are present. Hidden treasures can be found amongst the many “bush-vine” plots that scatter the many valleys of this amazing country. Authenticity is the key word and our amazing farmers have plenty of it.




Diego Urra is the Great Creator of the bunch. Owning a technical degree in viticulture, oenology and Permaculture. He has broad experience in all aspects from grape bud to wine bottle and worked at many renowned wineries all over the world (Lapostolle, Sybille Kuntz and La Tour Melas).

Diego is the one selecting and handpicking the grapes, and turning their sun ripened juice into the incredible wines we enjoy. He claims there’s a rational behind his actions, the rest of us think it’s pure magic.

His current areas of further interest and specialization are pruning and soil microbiology. The amazing thing about Diego is the passion and devotion he demonstrates when mastering new skills. That's why his new fields of expertise have caused us to crown him as "Prince Pruning" and "King Compost".



Gilles Lagast is the  trusted tour-guide in the labyrinths of our ideas and chaotic minds. With his degree in industrial engineering and operations research and his master in international business, he overlooks end-to-end operations. He has 10+ years experience in Supply Chain and Operations and ensures the wines actually make it to the market in a efficient and economically viable way


Calling the many wine bars of NYC his home, he often gets a glance of the future of Chilean wines as they are becoming more and more boutique and cult. He knows where we need to go, and gets us there! By the way: also without having wine he’s quite clever.




Jacques Appelmans, old-school sommelier conseil and life-time achiever in selling wines, knows quality when he sniffs it. Our-wine poet and enigma at the same time is the driving force in getting the wines perfect. Compromise is impossible when it comes to delivering outstanding quality. He can drive us crazy, and we love him for it.


Finance & Marketing

Michaël Komen is our versatile do-all, but mainly focuses on Finance and Marketing. He not only holds an MBA degree, but also translated his passion for and thorough knowledge of wines into a WSET level 3 certification. 


With a brain filled with useful and less useful trivia, he is our creative mastermind that thinks out of the box. Michael is tasked with the immense challenge to put our brand out there, distinctively, and stay focused on our mission and vision. 

As if this task list were not large enough, he also took on the expansion of our sales reach within Europe. 

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